Deciding to invest in your wellness and mental health is a huge victory, and talking about fees can feel overwhelming and scary.  Amelia strives to make therapy available to all who are seeking services.  If you have an insurance provider, it is best to contact them to determine if you have out of network coverage.  Amelia can assist you in learning more about the Affordable Care Marketplace and Medicaid, and additionally offers sliding scale fees for service as well as therapy scholarships. 

Therapy Scholarships

 There are 5 slots for therapy scholarship available to the community. When all slots are filled, you may wish to be added to a waiting list. 

If you have insurance....

** Please call your insurance

carrier to determine if they provide out of network reimbursement for Behavioral Health Services.

 Sliding Scale Fees

Individual Session Fee is $125


Amelia offers a sliding scale based on need and is flexible and open to discussing how to ensure that cost is not prohibitive for care.

Couples/Relationship Session Fee


LMSW/ SIFI Supervision 

$65 per hour   - negotiable based on need 

 Group Supervision 

 $50 per hour 

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